Patient Reviews

We know looking for a new dentist for you and your family can be a challenge. You want to make sure you find the right fit for each member of your family. By having five doctors, and five hygienists we are able to offer the perfect fit for each one of your family members. Listed below are some of the reviews that come in daily to our practice.

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★★★★★ Kim B, 6/30/2017

Few people in this world enjoy getting their teeth cleaned, but I really enjoy it. Mostly because all the staff of this office go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed.


★★★★★ Tim A, 6/23/2017

The hygienist did an excellent job taking care of me. I arrived 15 minutes late and they were still able to take me in and complete my cleaning and x-rays in time for my appointment with my dentist. They also advised me on improved tools to use for my condition. Highly recommend Enspire Dental.


★★★★★ Steven G, 6/20/2017

They’re always professional. Also, I’m kind of a big baby about going to the dentist and having procedures done. They’re extremely patient with me and I never feel judged. They also remember all sorts of details to keep me comfortable/well/less-freaked-out that I wouldn’t even think of, myself.


★★★★★ Kris H, 5/25/2017

High quality service and very professional. The best service and staff that I’ve ever been associated with. Extremely proud knowing how well they handle my dental needs with care.


★★★★★ Bruce F, 5/1/2017

The entire staff is well trained and all strive to exceed customer expectations. The enthusiasm and team spirit of everyone in the office makes it a pleasure to be a patient. The entire operation appears to run as a well oiled machine, with behind the scene, activity seamlessly supporting patient care. They all make me feel like a part of their family and my dental care is the most important thing in their day. It is impressive to me each time I visit.


★★★★★ Kara H, 4/18/2017

My daughter and I have been going to Enspire Dental for at least the last 5 years. The staff are incredibly friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They have provided us with information that no previous dentist has offered, very informative and explanatory. We trust the staff and I am so glad we were given the recommendation to choose Enspire for all of our dental needs.