About Enspire Dental

United by shared compassion and the gentle reassurance they provide, Enspire Dental’s talented and experienced dentists and staff are characterized by a heartfelt commitment to patient comfort extending from the front desk to the dentist chair.

One-on-one conversation, inviting atmosphere, a close-knit, devoted staff all lead to a more relaxed, welcoming environment in which to receive advanced dental care. Enspire Dental strives to assure patients well-being, self-confidence, and invigoration with each and every visit.

Enspire Dental (formerly Farah & Associates) has a tradition of excellence in the field of dentistry. Founder John W. Farah, DDS, PhD, established Farah and Associates in 1980 and was later joined by Lori Brown, DDS and Santine Anderson, DDS and Sabiha Sayed Bunek, DDS.  Together with their staff, they have grown the practice into one of the most successful, recognized dental offices in the Great Lakes region.

The Dental Advisor

In the field of dentistry, treatment plans and options for patients are expanding as manufacturers develop advanced products and technologies. Dental professionals around the globe look to The Dental Advisor as the reliable resource for product development and emerging technologies.

The teams at Enspire Dental are consultants to The Dental Advisor, bringing state-of-the-art dentistry to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr.’s Farah, Brown, Anderson, Bunek and Stevenson are key contributors to the evaluative process and editorial articles. This partnership contributes to Enspire Dental’s leadership in dentistry, providing the latest products, most advanced services and an array of digital options in dentistry.

The staff of Enspire Dental is committed to their patients and the community in a warm and sincere environment. Enspire and The Dental Advisor work in collaboration with Apex Dental Milling Center, forming “our dental campus” of top notch dental services. If you would like to learn more about Enspire Dental, and our “dental campus”, please contact us at 734-663-6777 for a visit.